We provide a suite of services that help companies build compatibility with smartphones and tablets. As a leading provider of smartphone and tablet compatibility, we accelerate mobile businesses of our clients.

Service concept

As a leading provider of smartphone compatibility solutions for company websites, i3design offers a variety of services besides our conversion service.
We provide a one-stop solution for the entire development cycle, including prototype development for app development, UI design for optimized website development, engine for optimized website development, CRM-push delivery engine, cloud based infrastructure support (including AWS and NIFTY Cloud), app promotion, and usability evaluation.

Service concept

Our strengths

The corporate IT standards and requirements have changed significantly with the introduction of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. As a company that designs the future for smart devices, our team of specialists at i3design supports the smartphone and tablet strategies of our clients.

Our strengths

We are a team of UX/UI specialists

We have a team of smartphone UX/UI specialists who have been involved in the UX/UI design of smartphone apps since the beginning of the smartphone era. The interface design as a connecting link between computer and user has a major impact on the success of the service. We provide optimal visual and UI designs for smartphones basing on our abundant experience.

High level engineering

i3design can boast of the expert team and stable front end, server side, and cloud infrastructure that perfectly fulfil our customers’ requirements and even exceed their expectations. We provide stable solutions for large scale access smartphone apps and back up our clients’ services with our high-level technical resources.

Global team

Our team includes experts from all over the world, and, besides our domestic offices, we have developing offices overseas. Unlike domestic feature phone labeled “Galapagos” cellphone in Japan, smartphones and tablets are used globally. We use our global information network to provide the most innovative and effective smartphone solutions to our customers.